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Math Formulas and a Calculator
Math Formulas and a Calculator

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My approach is to move at the student’s pace and use the homework, curriculum, and/or prep provided by their teacher to guide our progression. This ensures that they build the necessary skills to keep up with the content being taught in the classroom and can confidently complete their assignments.


I also challenge my students to think outside of the box in their approach mathematics, as many great mathematicians have, with curiosity and an understanding that getting the wrong answer is ultimately an asset to your learning. I will provide practice sheets when necessary and am available to provide support when quizzes, tests, or exams are on the horizon.


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More About Me

After being labeled a ‘difficult and distracted, but smart kid,’ I was diagnosed with ADHD. While I struggled in many different aspects of my education, math was always a reliable and interesting subject that I excelled in. In high school, I was fortunate enough to be transferred to a private school in Nova Scotia where I received plenty of one-on-one schooling from teachers who had the time and patience to nurture my love of math. This, unfortunately, is not the experience most students have when it comes to learning mathematics.


When I graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Industrial Engineering I started my career as a consultant for a large business in Toronto, but I quickly became worn down by the high-strung and often impersonal corporate world. So, I decided to pursue a career that would allow me to connect with people and help others in a meaningful way. I excitedly moved back to Nova Scotia when I was accepted into the BEd program at Acadia University, and began my new endeavor. I received top grades in all my courses but surprisingly found myself struggling in the practicums. Wasn’t this the kind of thing I was looking to do? Why did I feel more overwhelmed here than I did at my corporate job?  Didn’t I want to be a teacher in the public school system?  The answer was no.

I realized very quickly that public school teachers don’t have the resources to provide tailored learning that focuses on the individual needs of their students. They have to allocate their time teaching to the middle and focusing on classroom management, (and rightly so, they have a lot going on with 30 kids in a classroom!) But that means that the needs of the students who are struggling, as well as students who are excelling, often fall by the wayside. Ultimately, I decided to leave the BEd program and start my own tutoring business so I could support any student who reached out for help.


Since starting my tutoring business, I am glad to say that I have had many success stories. All of my students have made significant leaps in their confidence and abilities in mathematics and the majority have left with better grades than they started with - often increasing by 20% or more.

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